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Game theory in


Apply­ing game, bargai­ning, and auc­tion theo­ry, we joint­ly de­ve­lop your sales stra­te­gy and de­rive your op­ti­mal bid­ding be­havior.

Sales consulting

What we do


We analyze the thicket of goals and means of all rele­vant players as well as the given frame­work con­di­tions. From the insights gained, we jointly deve­lop your optimal sales strate­gy and the asso­ciated offer behavior.

This deve­lop­ment leads to concrete propo­sals that you can imple­ment imme­diately to your advantage.

Your advantage


The optimization of your sales and bidding strategy generates high added value for you, especially if your potential customer plans to conduct a structured negotiation with auction-like procedures.

Through a sales project with Competitio, you gain a high degree of orientation and understanding of your own options for action.




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