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Game Theory


We accompany you and your company in a long-term weekly game-theoretical coaching.


Game Theory Coaching

What we do

Game-theoretical models provide novel ways of looking at old problems. We therefore meet with you weekly for coaching sessions in which we structure your current problems in terms of game theory and systematically develop solutions based on this.

In this we analyze who actually are the relevant players; what information and what intentions they have; what strategies exist. Based on this, we help you to find strategic equilibria as rational solutions.

Since real people are not purely rational, we then work out which systematic deviations of your counterparts are to be expected and which opportunities and risks result from them.

As the solution is continuously developed in small steps, it is easy to understand, implement and immediately readjust as new information is added.

Your advantage

You bring game-theoretical thinking into your everyday professional life without having to spend a long time learning the mathematics behind it or having to work through highly complex research papers on it.

Instead, we take your current problems as a starting point, combine them with the results from game-theoretical research, and immediately arrive at solutions that can be implemented in practice. If possible, you will also learn from other decision makers from other companies in the process.


Contact us


Forsmannstraße 14B, 22303 Hamburg