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Here you can find publications of our experts that deal with game and bar­gai­ning theory as well as other areas of research.


What we do


Even after many years of application, we are passio­nate advo­cates of our approach and enjoy the successes we have achieved. As science-based consul­tants, we have pub­lished a number of books and papers. Here we present books on game theory and other areas of research.

Game Theory - Negotiating Successfully in Purchasing: Prerequisites, Incentives and Awards

Applied game theory in purcha­sing has become an important tool in many compa­nies to systema­tically achieve success in nego­tiations. The central building block of game-theore­ti­cally opti­mized awards are purcha­sing auctions. A basic knowledge of auctions and game theory is there­fore parti­cularly impor­tant for purchasers.

About the book

Game Theory: An Introduction

Applied game theory in purchasing has become an important tool in many companies to systematically achieve success in negotiations. The central building block of game-theoretically optimized awards are purchasing auctions. A basic knowledge of auctions and game theory is therefore particularly important for purchasers.

About the book

Game Theory in Purchasing - Auctions in Theory and Practice

This book is aimed at all those who want to under­stand auctions in terms of game theory, opti­mize them and apply them in practice. The book combines insights from theory with experience from practice. In particular, the book deals with purcha­sing auctions, because game-theoretically optimized purchasing auctions can lead to enormous savings.

About the book

The principles of balanced growth

Is steady state growth possible? Is there an equilibrium with zero growth? Are the theore­tically possible equilibria stable? What is the influence of the develop­ment of the factors capital, labor, tech­nical progress, human capital and productive govern­ment services? What can policy measures achieve in the long run?

About the book


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  • Pfeiffer, Christoph: The curse of anxiety pleasure: terrorism, the media, and advertising in a two-sided market framework, HSU Working Paper Series, No. 121, 2012
  • Pfeiffer, Christoph: Causalities and casualties: Media attention and terrorism, 1970-2010, HSU Working Paper Series, No. 127, 2012
  • Pfeiffer, Christoph: Terrorism and its oxygen: a game-theoretic perspective on terrorism and the media, Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression, 4(3), 2011
  • Wambach, Achim, Gero von Grawert: On the Economics of Subcontracting, Rivista di politica economica, 96, 2006
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  • Rieck, Christian, Jan Pieter Krahnen, Erik Theissen: Messung individueller Risikoeinstellungen, WP, University of Frankfurt 1997
  • Rieck, Christian, Jan Pieter Krahnen, Erik Theissen: Price and Value Expectations in an Experimental Call Market, University of Giessen 1994

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